Francine Jarry
A New Adventure (original version)
A new adventure (reprise)
A New Adventure (short version)
Alabama Rain
All Is Well
Allow Allow Allow
Always make the best of it!
Animals are my friends
Are you as happy as your dog?
Awakening (instrumental)
Awakenings (flute instrumental)
Baby mine
Beyond The Clouds
Breakin' loose
Bye Bye Fear...Hello Love!
Children are the guardians of the world(IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Children Of The Rainbow
Choices choices choices
Count Your Blessings
Dear Father
Deep Peace
Dimensions (instrumental)
Dis oui a la vie!
Do it for Love
Do not stand at my grave and weep
Don't call me
Don't cry for me (instrumental)
Drifting & Dreaming (insrumental)
Entre deux mondes
Every little cell
Everything is temporary
Feel good now!
Feeling Good
Feeling good is natural
Feeling Good (reprise)
Feeling Good (short version)
Flow Flow Flow
Flute interlude
Flying Away
Follow me
Follow the rainbow
Fun Fun Fun
Go to a happy place
Go where you want to go
Going Home
Going Home (short compilation)
Happy New You - Happy New Me - Happy New Year
Hard to hide
Hitch Your Wagon to A Star
I am wealthy, I am wise + Let it in!
I can begin again
I Can Begin Again (short version)
I can choose my own vibration
I can choose my own vibration/leading edge
I can reach for relief
I love my life!
I love my life (short version)
I want more
I want to live my life to the fullest
I will always love you
If you love this planet (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET title song)
If you want it... it can happen
If you want it 'it can happen' (short version)
I'll never get it all done
I'm a shining light
I'm so happy & my life is so simple
Imagine it, pretend it, feel it!
In spite of you
Inner Being
It's a good day
It's A Magical World
It's up to me (if I want to be happy)
Joy Joy Joy (I Can Do It)
Joy Joy Joy (I Can Do It-reprise)
Just for the fun of it/Make Peace With Where You Are
Keep your cork afloat
Let it in
Let it in (short version)
Let the river flow
Letting Go
Life is supposed to be fun
Life is supposed to be fun (intro)
Life is what you make it
Lift up off of it
Lighten up!
Little child stands near (A)
Living in the Vortex
Living in the Vortex (reprise)
Look for reasons to feel good
Look for the positive aspects
Look for the positive aspects (short)
Love Heals Everything (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Lullabies of well-being
Make the best of everything
Making today count
Maya...children of the Sun (2 min.)
Maya...children of the Sun (27 sec.)
Maya...children of the Sun (4 min.)
Maya...children of the Sun (narration)
Maya~children of the Sun (theme) (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Me Me Me
Must have been wrong
My brother, my friend
My life is mine
Never said goodbye (GOING HOME)
One step @ a time
Our Family Connection (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Out on a limb
Out On A Limb (reprise)
Picking up the pieces -A DISTANT MEMORY
Picking up the pieces-AINSI VA LA VIE
Picking up the pieces-DADDY'S GONE
Picking up the pieces - FALLING OUT ALL BY MYSELF
Picking up the pieces-I WANT TO WAKE UP HAPPY
Picking up the pieces-JUST FOR TODAY
Picking up the pieces-LA MEDIA VUELTA
Picking up the pieces-LE REVE S'ACHEVE
Picking up the pieces-LET ME DISAPPOINT YOU
Picking up the pieces-LIVE IN THE NOW
Picking up the pieces-ONE DAY
Picking up the pieces-PENA HUASTECA
Picking up the pieces - SEASONS
Picking up the pieces-WAITING FOR THE MOON
Picking up the pieces - WALK ON...
Rainbow Suite
Reach for a thought that feels better
Recuerdos del querer
Relax & Breathe
Remember the good times
River of Eternity
School Compilation for children, parents & teachers
Seasons - Picking up the pieces
Shine on
Shine on (ending Going Home)
Shine on (follow the rainbow)
Single mother blues
Sleep sleep sleep
Songs to Start the Day (16 tracks all-in-one)
Soothe yourself
Sparkle sparkle shining star
Spirit is Calling (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Spirit is Calling...intro
Starting Over
Sweet Shanna Goodbye
Tell A Different Story
Thank you Abraham
The better I feel the better it gets
The dance of life
The eager little children...
The eager little children
The eager little children (1)
The eager little children (2)
The key
The leading edge of thought
The Moment
The Nu Dream
The Other Side of Life
The Road to Dharma
The world is my playground
There's always another boat
Through the eyes of Source (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Virtual reality
Waiting for Marla
We are the Ones (reprise) (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
WE ARE THE ONES~we've been waiting for~(IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Well-Being Abounds
When I'm ready
Where are you now?
Where do I go from here?
Wherever I go
Wrinkles In My Ears
You can never go too slow